Welcome to the virtual home of me, Morten Svenstrup.

I’m involved in quite different, yet very connected, projects. Some of them are:

  • being a musician. I play the cello, the piano, the marimba and more. I very much like to create music. Especially arranging, recording and mixing. I work in different and across genres such as experimental rock music, contemporary classical, improvisation, folk music and abstract electronic music. Sometimes i play arabic music as well. In general I would say that I like slow cinematic music.
  • being a time thinker. I have a university degree in aesthetics and my without comparison biggest intellectual interest is time. A few years ago me and my friend Jeppe joined forces and made the project Time Culture. We are giving talks, publish pamphlets and write essays. For me, the time theory is a powerful tool and can hopefully help us open doors to new experiences and understandings of the world.
  • being a composer. Creating new worlds out of melody, sound colour and structure remain one of my greatest pleasures. Especially I like to make music which merges with other art forms such as theatre, film, installation and dance. I like to think of the music I make in terms of physical material such as colour, consistency, texture. At this moment, I’m working on a record that is inspired by the presence of trees. My new sound piece Barndom og Revolution is going to premiere at CPH PIX festival this year – please find the page of the piece in the menu.
  • being an illustrator. As a kind of break from these bigger branches of my interests, I enjoy to draw. I like to spend my evening listening to music and drawing things and situations I have encountered during the day. These animals, figures and patterns are inhabiting where I live as well as this site.